Newborn Lifestyle Portrait Session

First you should know that I have a flurry of posts coming at you very soon.  I try to share at least half of my work on the blog but life is so full and busy.  Beyond crazy at times!  Therefore, I am  taking the entire month of September off.  A. Much. Needed. Break. A break from work, a break from routine, a break from social media and a break from reality.  But for now – theses guys : ) What can I say about this new family of three?   Gaaaahhhh, they were so sweet and so in love with their new little guy!  I think it shines through in the images.  I love my job X

Client Post: Melbourne Family Photographer

Beautiful parents Paul and Sarah, were just completely – playful and cuddly with baby Hunter during their recent session.  These guys are just ace – young, happy, funny, energetic and loving.  This is what I love most about my job.  Have a fab weekend X

All Made With Love : Melbourne Family Photographer

Three brothers and an unfinished rainbow knitted blanket.  All made with love.JAC001JAC003jac9jac20JAC054jac22JAC071jac10jac11JAC079jac12jac13JAC092jac23jac7jac21JAC117JAC125

Laura + Tom

Meet Laura and Tom, they got married in March and they invited me to take some pictures.  Ok, so here is the thing.  I was so excited to be asked to be part of their day – because I grew up with Laura and Tom!  They are gorgeous, they are sweet, they are kind and they are passionate.   Their love for one another was pure joy to witness.  And that is what it was all about, celebration, love, food and plenty of laughter was had by all.  A special mention and massive high five to the highly skilled James Tierney.  James kindly assisted me with his  helpful and talented photography skills {randomly} throughout the day  : )


Abbey + Lachlan

As perfect as it’s meant to be.  Perfect because of its imperfections.  Perfect because the path that led you to where you were meant to be wasn’t planned. Perfect because its the simplicity that makes you smile.  Sometimes you find your perfect.  An all-encompassing warmth.  This is Abbey + Lachlan’s perfect.


Client Post: Melbourne Family Photographer

I am short on words today.  I know – it is unlike me.   But I would like to introduce you to some beautiful friends of ours.  ZIA1ZIA10ZIA5ZIA4ZIA8ZIA7ZIA13ZIA15ZIA14ZIA21ZIA28ZIA25ZIA29ZIA30ZIA19ZIA26ZIA40ZIA50ZIA46ZIA70ZIA61

Emily + Ryan

Some days I sit and almost shed a tear for all of the unblogged, amazing wedding and family sessions I have photographed.  I want to show them all to everyone, but I can’t figure out how to make the time?   So please meet Emily and Ryan.  Their patience with me is a BIG understatement.  As I battle through my rather large backlog of work from recent months, they have waited, and waited, and waited.  It has been a dream editing their perfect January wedding.  Emily and Ryan, together with their two beautiful boys Mason and Saxon  –  committed themselves to one and another in such an incredible way amongst their important special people.KIM7KIM1KIM130KIM4KIM2KIM5KIM20KIM26KIM27KIM25KIM21KIM22KIM3KIM12KIM29KIM11KIM88KIM48KIM50KIM30KIM36KIM33KIM37KIM42KIM8KIM43KIM44KIM47KIM40KIM55KIM56KIM61KIM62KIM63KIM64KIM70KIM71KIM72KIM73KIM82KIM81KIM80


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