Helen + Brett

Fireworks went off in my heart.  Things fell perfectly into their place, as they often do…


Simple Joy

This family radiates the simple joy of being in a family.   If you can be calm, unhurried, and unworried while being photographed, you are those things all the time.  Every family teaches me so much – that’s what this family taught me.  To be unruffled and let life flow.  I love them for that and I hope I get some more time with them again soon.


Katrina + Tom

Family Beach Photography

Another Beach session I know…but did you hear me sigh?  Gosh this family.  So great.  Everything.

Newborn Photography

They took me in for a few hours, shared with me their new part of the world, and their love. I was smiling almost the whole time.ADE6ADE046ADE016ADE2ADE47ADE076ADE1

Personal: For The Better

It’s utterly impossible to describe the joy this little treasure brings our family. The fourth child. The bringer of almost too much crazy.  Having a forth child has been bloody hard work (to put it politely) but I’m so glad we did.  Molly brings us a joy we’ve never known.  All of us equally – Oscar, Charlie and Noah couldn’t be more besotted with her while Stephen and I still tussle over who gets to hold her perfectly warm body after she’s awoken from slumber.  Our little lady is joyful, placid, mischievous, adventurous and truly scrumptious.


Right now, I just can’t get enough of our kids.  It’s like I’ve spent the past 7 years working so hard for them.  They were once my daydream and now my reality.   I have been working so hard – I could barely see them and appreciate these little human mischief makers for who they truly are.  But now, all of a sudden there they are, and aren’t they splendid!  Did I mention rowdy too?  Those people I grew are getting bigger.  Life is changing.  For the better.  And it’s good.  So good.


Xceptional Living

This is Krista, and  whenever I am having a totally off day with my four kids.  I always think about Krista.  You see, Krista has five kids!  I know.  Hard to believe right?  As you can see from the images below, Krista is incredibly fit, beautiful and healthy.  Most importantly – Krista is a lovely lady inside and out.  Krista is in the process of starting up her new business {like she isn’t busy enough} and approached me to take some shots for her.  Krista’s business is called Xceptional Living and it is all about good health, good exercise, good food and good life balance.  What we all want, right?  Krista is still in the process of setting up her website but in the mean time,  you can follow Krista here .  I really have nothing else to say about Krista but I would like to wish her tons of luck because she will need it when I start my program with her – after I return from my holiday in Bali : )

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